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Two impact-indicator share one label, can use after tear, which is convenient and quick. 

Specifications: 100pcs/box,16 boxes/carton or 32 boxes/carton 

The impact indicator will be activated when it suffer a strongly impact, So transport the label inside the original packaging as much as possible. During the transportationLet the product avoid impact. And when transport the low sensitive label such like green, orange, red label, To protect the label from the impact, activated by error, should put the box in a 24 cubic inch of the big box, and put four inch thick sponge pad into the eight angle to make the case left vacant. 
And when transport the high sensitive label such like purple, yellow, blue label, should put the box into a 28 cubic inches of the big box, put five inch thick sponge pad into six faces to make the case left vacant, In order to protect the label from the impact, should stick a red impact indicator out of the box, warning the operator handling with care.


• Normal temperature (25 C) is the ideal storage temperature, please keep the product at normal temperature
• Can not be stored in the corrosive gas; liquid, such as oil, chemicals, organic solution etc; Dust, uncleanness place; Exposure to direct sunlight place; 
• Do not open and keep the product intact. Once the protective adhesive is uncovered, the product will be activated at any time. Will cause unnecessary waste; 
• Based on the unique properties of the product, please be careful;
• must be used within two years after delivery.


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